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April 2014 Hillwood Soccer

From: The desk of the Hillwood Soccer Club President


May 7th Registration Opens!


Spring is finally here!!! This is just a friendly reminder that the Seattle Youth Soccer Association SPRING soccer season is in full swing. Since the start of this program, Hillwood along with SYSA has fully supported this program that encourages our soccer community youth players to get out into the Spring-like weather and to enjoy “the beautiful” game to its fullest. Having said that some who are new to the program should take note; SPRING soccer has no standings, is fully run and administered by SYSA and it basically is a weekend pick-up game for the KIDS. You’ll notice there are no paid referees, all volunteer coaches, and no regular practice sessions. These pick-up games are just that, a place where the kids can get out, enjoy the team environment and have fun. Please, if you are attending one of these SPRING games, let the coaches coach, and let the kiddos have a great time.


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Remember, Hillwood soccer is just for kicks!






D.J. Yasui President Hillwood Soccer Club    

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